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Is this website legit?

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Did a google search to look into Clen after reading about it in Waterproof's thread.

came across this site here


is it legit?


  • waterproof
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    @Rodriguezz is the website legit yes, i heard it's either hit or miss with the clen, some say it's underdose some say the 🤬 is good and works...........

    Let's try to keep questions on these drugs in one thread like we have for the supplements and weed smokers have in the grown and sexy. because we don't want to get our 🤬 locked or shut down. i will be glad to ask your questions in the Steroid thread...

    If i have to and there will be a time when my supplier is out of town and i need some Gear or some Peptides, there is a couple of sites i will go to and get my goods.

    because remember this 🤬 is illegal and Customs and USPS is on the look out for real gear more than they do prohormones, so make sure it's gurantee discret sending and if it do get picked up by customs because they will send you a letter or even go to your door, that the company will send you another one.

    in my steroid thread i will go over how to buy on line, what little things you can do to get the boys off your ass, how to order in discreet and ect......