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The Wizard War, Who's the Master Sorcerer/Sorceress?

Maximus Rex
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Who's the absolute master of the mystic arts? Is it Doc Strange, Merlin, Harry Potter, or Voldemort? I'm purposely leaving Fate and The Sceptre out of the coversation, because those 🤬 are damn near omnipotent and are (or either,) on some comsic powered 🤬 . Feel free to add mystics and mix-and-match.

Herminone Granger v Raven

Zatana v Evil-Lyn

Dr. Strange v Lord Voldemort

Albus Dumbledore v Gandalf the White

Morgan le Faye (from Arthurian legend) v The Scarlett Witch

Merlin v Sauron the White

The Dreaded Dormammu v Skeletor

The Sorceress v Zatara (Zatana's daddy,)

Orko v Ron Weasley