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Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

rapluvarapluva Members Posts: 232
The scariest thing with all these theories is that so-called intelligent people actually believe these fairy-tales and illusions. They hold to them as FACTS. Some of them all their lives, having done zero independent research into ANY one of them.

Yet any alternative to these fables are automatically seen as conspiracy theories; with the person purporting the Truth seen as a 🤬 . Ohhh dear, it’s so painful to witness this mass hypnosis.

It was kind of understandable years ago falling for these lies having no real access to alternative media. But to go along with these illusions these days is pure laziness, complacency, apathy, habit, kudos (ego). There really is no excuse for allowing oneself to be hoodwinked and remain in willful ignorance.

[not in order of importance and some interdependent]

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