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check out my music! bring back old school

leafpark Members Posts: 1
hey, my names Dane garner, I'm 18 years old and I'm making hip hop music in my house.. I'm using a cheap interface and an at2020.
we keep it fresh doe.


hit me back with options and constructive criticism at [email protected]


  • alissowack
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    I'm not here to question rap skills for I can't rap. But, I will suggest that production can be a little tighter. It helps having instrumentals tracked out individually (kick, snare, hat, etc.) to allow for a decent mix. The vocals are more in front of the track instead of in the track. Keep pushing, though. I guess I will plug myself into this.


    You need to pick up that guitar though so you can add that to production somehow.
  • konceptjones
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    sounded like a lotta b-side instrumentals with you rhyming over 'em.