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Comic Book Forum Raids

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Aight brehs. Lot of us have an interest in comic books and characters and speculations about match ups and what not. That's cool and all but what we are lacking is a database of on panel feats. That's a problem because most battles or assumptions are argued from a position of guessing, and ignorance. So I propose that in order to fix this we have respect threads for various characters.

There are a couple of forums out already that have respect threads done for many characters in DC mArvel and Image all we have to do is swoop down in there and c/p the images and load them up onto the IC.

Im down for the idea [its my idea] but i dont wanna have to do all the heavy lifting and 🤬 eat off my time and energy. So if this is somethin that youa ll want here then lets move on it. If not then Ill just leave that 🤬 where its at and utilize for myself as I need it.

biggest forum I know with a huge respect library is killer movies website


There's comicvine and comicbook resource but I find that killer movies has the best library ive seen.

@all you other negroes


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