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Christians are arrogant as 🤬 .

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This 🤬 irritates me.

95% of my Facebook friends are "Christians", mainly family. The majority of their posts consist of typical religious 🤬 , which doesn't bother me, it's the "pray for me" or "🤬 is wonderful" 🤬 that irks me.

They ask for prayers for a head cold, a child's cough, a car problem, money problems etc... I always want to reply: you have a car, house, fridge full of food, health insurance, a job etc.. And yet you think you're special when 🤬 "answers" your prayer? 🤬 is just so arrogant, it's like the world revolves around them. What about the sick, dying, starving people on the other side of our world? What about the homeless couple down the street on the corner everyday? What about the victims of disasters in the world? And you find it "amazing" your 🤬 decided to answer your prayer about air in your tires?

🤬 is disgusting. They praise 🤬 for helping them, yet never think twice about others who are very much less fortunate than they are whose prayers to unanswered for years and yet they suffer and die.


^ is exactly how I see it.