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a living wage.....

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over the last 10 years job losses continue to hit higher wage sectors like construction, manufacturing hard, while new job growth has been concentrated disproportionately in low wage industries even though tax rates for the so called "job creators" have been at a historic lows for some time now...consequently more than ever before millions and millions of working americans depend on the government and tax payer dollars for food, affordable housing, trips to the doctor, etc.

college is not the answer, well not always. only a small percentage of jobs actually require a bachelors degree ....

with that said don't you think it time to increase the federal minimum wage?????

especially considering its stated purpose was to keep workers out of poverty, and increase consumer purchasing power in order to stimulate the economy....

or what other solutions do you feel are viable to address this growing problem?


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    Where is this money going to come from to pay employees higher wages? Employers? They'll just lay people off to offset the added expenses.

    Naw someone needs to tell Ben Bernanke to stop inflating the money supply. That's the real reason it's so hard for people to get by with the money they make; inflation.

    If people want to be paid more they need to make themselves more worthwhile to employers by increasing their skills and/or knowledge.
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