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It pays to be Courteous:$12.5 Million Left To Neighbor

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Be careful how you treat people,you never know how you will get your blessings!!

In the ultimate reminder that small acts of kindness can go a long way, a rich Australian widow left an entire estate, worth $12.5 million, to her neighbor who bought her bread and milk and helped with various other chores.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, widow Betty Harris, who died at the age of 95 in 2009, chose to leave her sprawling multimillion dollar Sydney home to her neighbor, Beatrice Gray, after she felt family members were only interested in her wealth.

“The Grays would be surprised, (while) my family are waiting for me to die,” Harris reportedly said prior to her death. “I am determined that my relatives, after what they have put me through, will not get one cent.”

News.com.au notes that the Grays lived next to Betty Harris for 33 years until she died in 2009.

In addition to helping pay her bills, Mrs. Gray and her late husband also assisted Mrs Harris in the organization her car registration and the reinvestment of her money as well as simple tasks such as replacing light bulbs and wheeling out her recycling bin.

The couple also checked on Mrs Harris’s house to make sure she had not been robbed, and they kept a spare key for Mrs Harris.

Fox news reports Harris had previously left her entire estate to her niece Coralie Hart, but changed her will in April 2005 after discovering that the niece wanted to put her in a nursing home and appoint a legal guardian to take control of her finances.

Of course, Betty Harris’ family disagrees with the $12.5 million gift and has since taken the matter to court.

Caralie Hart allegedly claims her aunt was delusional at the time she changed her will to exclude her nieces and nephews in favor of her neighbor.

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