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Why I hate *insert race*

Knives Amilli
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-Yall are cheap as FUCKKKKKK
-Indians (red dots) are the most boring yet smart 🤬 ever. have the 🤬 personalities of robots, yet make excellent engineers and 🤬 . yet they stink. And their women/men are shaped like sacks of potatoes.
Matter of fact, Ive only known one indian guy in any semblance of shape.
-Yall are the GOATS at speaking terrible English-
-Yall 🤬 tend to be bland as 🤬

-Ive said it once, will say it again: Caribbean Latinos are the most shallow 🤬 in America. Ive never met one whose particularly knowledgeable about anything outside of reggaeton and 🤬 they do back on the island.
-Loud for no reason
-WOAT music. Reggaeton is an abomination upon mankind
-Possibly GOAT 🤬 ...yet their just as shallow as the dudes. And if they're not Americanized, they will stick with the dudes in their culture, no matter how lame they are *really goes for every race of women, i just hold it against latin 🤬 cuz they're bad :(
-Yall use 🤬 as slang and talk that "i love black people/have some black in me" talk... yet dont really care about the Black people and even outright think your better than 🤬 , despite being from 🤬 countries

-yall 🤬 work ethic. Pains my heart that most of my worst employees are 🤬
-Really just love of street culture period. Good 🤬 is this 🤬 , yet widely accepted
-Blind Devotion to the failure of an institution known as the Black church
-yall utter failure as parents and mates
-yall self hatred
-devotion to ignorance
-street 🤬 loving women (yeah im hating)

-fake, whiny, arrogant and yall are the most annoying hands down
-refusal to acknowledge racism and privilege
-Boston and every team associated with that cracka ass city
- Hating Vick and Lebron but wont say 🤬 about hoe ass Ben Roethlisberger
-Hating and voting against Obama for no good reason
-UK Wildcats. 🤬 yall.
-Did I mention whiny? Yall stay 🤬 with yall spoiled, privileged selfs
-Jews. Especially Israelis. Sneaky 🤬 Scumbags.
-Irrational love for dogs and terrible tv shows

-Islam (sorry kai)
-Yall on that "🤬 " 🤬 that the latins are on. Stop it.
-even the coolest of yall are still kind of corny in a corny foreign guy way
-Yall stay tryna stunt and look like 🤬 in the process

feel free to add on