Sion.'s 2012 Top 10 Greatest & Most Shocking Moments of the IC

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10. Chasin Bundles gets exposed by Ill Bot for having gayliases (SMH)

Welp I don't know what to say about this one :( I'm just reporting what happened, but apparently CB would pop up in one thread ethering niggas left and right (guess what goes around comes around), when Ill Bot on a regular scouting mission would stop by and pull his cards, not only banning him in the process but revealing various aliases he had such as - Chasin Menz, Menjamin Bunz, Bundlez of Dick, Chasin Gays and more, there were about 12 aliases whose names I'm glad I can't remember...

I wonder if he'd consider that powerful posting ? Iunooo....

9. B-Dap/Boss Boo's Air Hercules Debacle Haaaayyyy ! - Battle of the Braggarts

A legendary pimp on the IC who made his bones droppin game and pavin the way for the young niggas of the IC. A true player (not like you fake ass bustas) BossBoo, was known to frequent the Fashion Foward forums and post up in competition with Dro their shoe collection (nothing homo about what you copped shoe shopping).... then the unimaginable happened - Boss Boo posted up & I kid you not... a pair of Christian Louboutons red bottom gladiator sandals.... you know like the ones your girl prolly got with the following caption:

"and sandals worn by Jesus hand down and altered by Christian Louboutin and purchased by me"

Sometimes I wonder if niggas believe the shit that comes outta they mouf :(

Anyways, moments later this act would not go unpunished. Dro would proceed to roast Boss Boo in a thread in the GnS and in just moments Boss Boo would become the laughing stock of the IC as niggas old and new got their shots in. One of the funniest feuds this year.

8. Seansosa vs. Vader

It started all when it was alleged that Vader smashed dude's sister. In retaliation, Seansosa came and posted up pics of this nigga's BM laying on the ground like a dead animal pissed drunk. Eventually Vader would retaliate posting up pics of Seansosa's sister and everything. Vader smashed dude's younger sister and soon the older sister (who was also married apparantly and kept tryna get at him). They say it wasn't his sister but iuno you be the judge of that... regardless it made for a hilarious moment on the IC.

7. Bawse D.Lox says Chief Keef is Packin pause no homo SMH

After Chief Keef posted an instagram of himself getting top, Bawse D.Lox came to the rescue n/h and proceeded to comment favorably for the young rookie. Carefully observing *pause* he announced that Chief Keef was packing no homo and saluted n/h Chief Keef for his manhood n/h . After being attacked this nigga actually defended himself and said something to the affect that anybody who disagreed was insecure about their own shit. Riiiight SMMFH, faggotry is faggotry aint no way around it n/h. Poster Jungz would later create a thread in Donkey where all hell would break loose and Bawse would be the subject of ridicule regarding his sexuality no homo. I suppose Pussy is that shit he "Don't Like" ?

6. Pico get's stripped of her medals - Lance Armstrong style :(

After the IC came back full circle, Pico Roscoe would later pick up and become the most adored female on the site, even getting an appreciation thread in Ill Pix. The lovely light brite would charm and have niggas goin crazy - that is... until niggas would decide to pull her cards. A thread was made by Seedz, who would show the REAL Pico Roscoe. Not the one who posted all her good pictures - I mean the gut hanging, cassie haircut slangin, bad posin Pico :( . Niggas would stare in awe at how this could have happened... It's crazy, if not for that "exposure" she may have gotten that appreciation thread FOF, Pico was stripped of all her medals and has been milk carton status since.

5. Fazeem & Hrap get Demodded/War of the Mods

It was a cold day in March, when Jamel created a thread calling out the Fazeem, Hrap and even Connexx on their modship. Du would later co-sign the movement, calling out Fazeem and Hrap for abusing their powers and humiliating posters (Cain, BostonDro, etc.), going as far as exposing their blightness. In fact shit got so bad that mods were banning mods, moving threads around, and nobody could find common ground - Connexx even chose to walk out until shit got sorted out and it was even rumored that ALL the mods would be demodded. About a month later, after the mods came together, Fazeem and Hrap were the only ones unwilling to co-operate and the Boss would later drop the hammer stripping them of all their power.

As Jamel famously quipped - "Bye Nigga !"

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    I just want to say LOLOL.... none of the points expressed represent my personal views of yall, I honestly don't care, I'm just reporting what happened. Most of it is from an outsider's view, so there's prolly loopholes and stuff missing therefore, feel free to fill in the blanks where you see fit. Create your own 2012 wrap up too if you want.

    You can view the threads for these stories in the FOF btw, some of them stop at certain page numbers or have posts missing but if you can overlook that it makes for an entertaining read.
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    imo this sums up the whole year. accurate list.
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    Seedz made the pico thread classic
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    Bruh.. that platypus foot bitch had her nudes dropped? I'm thinking it's better I wasn't here for that.
  • Max.Max. BODY BAG! Posts: 29,642 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Not suprised at chasin buttholes nh...
  • can'tyoutellcan'tyoutell Posts: 1,370 ✭✭✭✭✭
    off to fof to see the towers thread. damn, I wish I saw that whole situation unfold.
  • loch121loch121 Posts: 12,249 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Where are the Pico pics?
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    lol @ the Bawse D Lox one

  • KingJamalKingJamal Posts: 20,652 ✭✭✭✭✭
    lol at sosa throwing vader in the bushes, cause vader fucked the objects of sosa's affection...

    that story was 7 ways of wrong...

    what grown ass man gon get mad over who his grown ass sister fucking?

    thats some Flowers In The Attic shit right there my nigga, the BOOK! not the movie.... it's extra incestuous that way...

    If I remember correctly didn't Vader say he was at the trunk of his car or sumn when that happened lol
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    Max. wrote: »
    Not suprised at chasin buttholes nh...

    @TheCbStalker... did u see me address this fuckin fanboy^.. or did u see me ignore the irrelevant nigga and show the homie sion luv nh?

    U gotta realize I never start problems, I only finish him, nigga.. now ban the next nigga to say sumn to me cuz I aint gonna ignore it next time. 1 poster already got a pass for the day, im out of passes now, next nigga gettin destroyed.. word.
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    I didn't realise who Covet was until I saw this thread.
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    goat thread, i cant think of anything else happenin on these ic streets
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