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Leo Dicaprio cornholed Halle Berry lol

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Halle Berry Reported Banged By DiCaprio B4 Booted!
by Jacky Jasper

Before Lilo, There Was Halle…

HSK Exclusive - It’s been more than a decade since — in true LiLo fashion — Halle Berry crashed her Blazer into another moving car.

Now, reports reveal the shocking details leading to the moment of the accident — including a 🤬 -fulled sexcapade involving Leonardo DiCaprio, who we’re told treated Berry like a common 🤬 — were what caused the Oscar Award-winning actress to be distressed.

HSK has exclusively learned moments before a distraught Berry got into her Chevy Blazer, DiCaprio ordered her to leave his home. That’s where we’re told the pair shared an evening of no-holds barred smashing over 🤬 -🤬 . Don’t believe me.. Ask Jamie Foxx.

According to our insider, Halle Berry is not just an 🤬 queen — when she was addicted to 🤬 , she participated in dark sexual acts with the male partners she got high with. Don’t believe me.. Ask Sean Penn.

Here’s the drop:

“Halle’s been f*cking white boys from day one.

Leonardo is running around doing self promo for his up and coming film ‘Django Unchained.’ He’s telling everyone who’s hip, he f*cked Halle in the ass. Leo’s saying he was doing 🤬 all night with Halle, f*cking her in the ass, then kicked her out.
He later found out she got into a car accident and fled.”

Here’s what was reported about Berry’s infamous Blazer crash:

“Berry was driving her white Chevy Blazer and broadsided a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire.
Witnesses who saw the car flee the scene did not realize who the driver of the Blazer was at the time of the collision.

The victim in this Halle Berry car accident, Heta Raythatha suffered a broken wrist and filed charges against the actress. For her part, Berry suffered a concussion and cut her forehead requiring 20 stitches.

The actress contends that she doesn’t remember any of the details of the accident and pled no contest in court. Her sentence for this accident was three years probation, 200 hours of community service, and a $13,500 fine.

Although a civil lawsuit was filed, it was settled out of court.”

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