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Women are stupid and I don't respect them



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    CC_Will wrote: »
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    You're too gullible.

    Lil Loca, is that you in the avi? if so, you're looking nice mama!


    Excuse me, what's the internet?
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    Met a lot of good women in my life but it does get annoying when dudes worship women just because they have 🤬 , a 🤬 , and a soft ass
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    Ajackson17 wrote: »
    I wonder about men who hate women it seem so oxymoron. There are habits and traits that I don't like in specific women and there are types I like about them, but its more of their personality and their own individual traits that I specificially don't like, but not a whole gender who is responsible for the survival of our species.

    The survival of our species is not needed thus overrated
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    For whoever cosigns this 🤬 , stop 🤬 around with ratchet ass hoodrats, ton of girls aren't 🤬 , or just good for a 🤬 (I don't 🤬 none of those), but a lot of females out there are worth it. Seems like some of you aren't worth their time which is why you think the way you do.
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    I 🤬 with u Rod
    but woman are mens greatest gift and curse
    808's and Heartbreaks fo life