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Bob Marley & The Wailers Member Criticizes Snoop Lion's Conversion To Rastafarianism



  • Nah Son
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    The Council is threatening to sue Snoop Dogg is he does not cease to use the name "Snoop Lion," make a public apology and pay fees to the group for financial and moral support.

    Lmao The Council outchea actin like a salty baby mama

    KLICHE Members Posts: 5,061 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Maybe these Rasta's don't play like them NOI brothers
  • Black Boy King
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  • Splackavelli
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    somebody was bound to call him out on this. if he was real he would have sat down some where and chilled instead of going on tv. and holding a press conference. still making songs with fitty cent. I guess the French tips was the last straw and got the dreads riled up. but rastas are not suppose to judge.
  • CP203
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    lol rastas corny as 🤬 all them 🤬 are modern day hippies 🤬 outta here with that religion 🤬 and let me guess if snoop don't pay up, what they gonna do nuthing, they just gonna bun a fiya pon him LMAO
  • BlackAX410
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    nycdiesel wrote: »
    "smoking weed and loving Bob Marley and reggae music is not what defines the Rastafari Indigenous Culture!"
    lmao etherd snoop lion right there

    dat 🤬 made me LOL its tru tho
  • mc317
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    All hail Yohan Strauss. Don’t 🤬 with Banks that 🤬 got ten yen
    7 mix master spades and Ritalin. As a young mustache I was told to
    respect Wart and his goons but it rested. Chief Keef awol from his
    own heritage nothing. Cord Meyer or Lyndon Johnson ripleys believe it
    or not. Beats By Dre 🤬 it mannie maggudi. 2012 yesterfucks better
    yet y usted! El Trajbahas del tiepo si me gustan =Relieve my 🤬
    from its fullness of baby salamanders. Florida 🤬 you and sand.
    New house in Compton California for $450,000 drive away with 10 Askari
    X. Malarchi, Influenza, Trichomosis the signs of New world order. Yeah I Powder my nose with that sugar 🤬 .
  • lamontbdc
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    mc317 is the goat
  • NoCompetition
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    Everytime you hear somebody voice a "problem" with 1 of these entertainers, its to get attention and hopefully money. You dont hear Jay z or nobody rich and famous talkin about what somebody else is doin. These people were just honest about the motives.
  • Rahlow
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    edited January 2013
    Fucc em Snoop.. as we say "gangstaz do what we wanna do,succaz do what they can"

    These ignorant niggrums worship a 🤬 that ran out on his people when the invaders were en route.

    They found that 🤬 remains under a toilet next to a window... years of 🤬 ran over his bones until they not too long ago gave him a proper burial.

    So much for being the 2nd coming of Christ.

    Continue to exploit that ignorant 🤬 Snoop, they don't 🤬 with white folks and asians for doing the 🤬 same thing so 🤬 em.
  • gns
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    They should've just kept the story about Bunny Wailer and leave it at that.

    I've never heard of Rastafarianism having an international body.

    If u feel the 🤬 embarrassing u fine, wouldn't even be mad if they wanted to boycott his movie, cause then he'd be profiteering.

    But what u want money for and where's it gonna go.....foh.