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NYC women busted at JFK wearing "🤬 diapers"

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Two Bronx women traveling from the Dominican Republic were arrested at JFK on Saturday for carrying 6.5 kilos of 🤬 in "diapers" made of duct tape.

According to the criminal complaint, a drug-sniffing Customs dog alerted agents to contraband on Priscilla Pena and Michelle Blassingale, but a search of their luggage yielded nothing. While she was being questioned, Pena "appeared to be very nervous," and during a subsequent pat-down, a CBP Officer "noticed a hard object near Pena's waist and buttocks."

Prosecutors say Pena and Blassingale consented to a strip search, revealing black girdles "which resembled a diaper" wrapped in a silver plastic. And nestled within the diapers: 🤬 pellets, which were "rigged like a girdle around their hindquarters." Mayor Bloomberg could not be reached for comment, presumably because he was too busy firing Michael Madsen.

Pena was released on $150K bond, which Blassingale was remanded into custody. According to prosecutors, Blassingale said she expected to receive between $9,000 and $10,000 for smuggling the 🤬 , which was given to the women by "an unknown male in the Dominican Republic." Pena's criminal complaint is below