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Georgia High School Math Teacher Arrested for Sleeping with Seven Different Students (W/Pics)

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By: Neetzan Zimmerman

Officials at a high school in Georgia say they are stunned by the news that one of their teachers has been accused of having sex with seven different students. 32-year-old DaNita "Dee" Wilson, who has taught math at Charlton County High School for the past 10 years, was arrested earlier this week and charged with seven counts of sexual assault - having sex with students. One of the students was 15-year-old at the time, but the rest were over the age of consent, which is 16 in Georgia.

"Some of the (relationships) had been going on for at least one year or longer," said Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Stacy Carson. The Charlton County School Board said in a statement that it was tipped off to the alleged misconduct from an anonymous source, and passed it on to the Charlton County Sheriff's Office, which got the GBI involved. Charlton County Schools Superintendent John Lairsey suspended Wilson on Tuesday, and handed her over to the local authorities. She was booked into jail but later released on $35,000 bond.

According to Wilson's MySpace page, she is "happily married" — or was happily married — and has two children.

"This keeps happening," local resident Juliette Wilson told First Coast News. "I don't know what these people are thinking that they keep doing this to children, that it's permissible. I don't understand it. Like I say, I'm horrified."