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Dewayne Patterson, Renaldo Jackson Stole $65,000 In Chicken Wings Amid Shortage: Cops

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The War of the Wings has begun.

Two storage workers in Georgia are accused of stealing $65,000 worth of frozen chicken wings amid a high nationwide demand for the delicious Super Bowl snack.

Dewayne Patterson, 35 and Renaldo Jackson, 26, allegedly used a rental truck on Jan. 12 to steal 10 warehouse pallets of frozen wings from Nordic Cold Storage in Lawrenceville, WSB-TV reported today.

The two allegedly pulled the heist in the middle of the day. Jackson reportedly used a forklift to load the wings while Patterson acted as a lookout.

They were arrested on Wednesday and charged with one count of felony theft, AJC reports.

They were later released on $2,950 bond. The wings, however, were never found.

It's a theft most fowl because wings are expected to reach record prices during the Super Bowl this year. Chicken farmers argue that feed prices are growing following a higher demand for wings in restaurants, leaving football fans bracing for a shortage.

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