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Black women-natural/relaxed with edges i need your input!

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i just purchased the olive oil edge control today, because as ive gotten natural, my edges have become more unruly, in my relaxed days id just wet it put a scarf on for like 20mins and my edges would be layed like a muddafucka, but naw my natural hair dont wanna cooperate, so far the only thing thats worked is gel, or castor oil put on the night before and tied down. i want to stay away from gel though because i really dislike hard hair, and it just feels drying, even though its alcohol free.
i bought this product on a whim, but looking at the youtube reviews..it aint sounded so hot, which i dont get because i see alot of chicks on youtube constantly using it in their styling videos

what are youre thoughts on this product?
what do you like/dislike bout it?
any better product for holding down edges to recommend?