What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

From the heart...To my one and only girl...

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@Missk, my wife. U work, raise our 2 kids and accept my 2 from a previous relationship.
This is one of the 5 days a year we still have sex... happy vday

@Twinzmom, my babymama, we're on good terms cuz i pay child support,
so you still let me hit it on the Twinz birthday.... happy vday

@Pico, my current GF, u keep it trill. I keep promising to leave my wife for u....
all u say is "meh"... Never change girl, happy vday

@Moreno, my sidepiece, the reason I "work overtime". I got u pregnant, again....
and this time ur threatening to keep it... Dont, but have a happy vday

@sixsicksins, my ex-GF u left me for bein unfaithful. I miss u alot.
i keep a patch of ur hair in a ziplock bag... smh happy vday

@skyler, my ex-fiance, I dumped u for tryna beat moreno with a crowbar.
Still luv u so i got Mo to drop the restraining order... happy vday ok?

@Empress_ my best friends wife. The 🤬 is mad overprotective...
He'd be relieved to know u reject my advances with peace & understanding. happy vday

@lechic, my GFs best friend. Cleavage is always out when im around.
Thanks for finding reasons to rub them D cups across the back of my head... happy vday

@Beezy, my homies ex-GF. U threw it at me to make him jealous...
Little did u know he gave me the greenlight to smash u... happy vday lololol

@Kimi, my homegirl. I turn to u with problems or when i get kicked out.
U give me advice and a couch to crash on... *knocks on ur bedroom door* happy vday

@Kat, my co-worker. We had drunken wham-bam-thank-u-ma'am at the company xmas party.
We aint spoke since and u asked for a new cubicle... happy vday tho

@tabatha_ my neighbor. U think i helped build ur handicap ramp out of pure kindness...
but I want wheelchair sex... just sayin, happy vday

@Lady_Zee, my overseas fling. We dated when i was on tour with ur favorite rapper.
U couldnt get him so u settled for me. I'll be back soon... happy vday

@mssouthern, my 8th grade teacher. U stole my virginity, got fired n made the news.
I didnt snitch tho, moms found ur nudes in my backpack... happy vday?

@kai_valya, my high school tutor. i thought yall were all the same...
so i groped u while we were doing trigonometry. U slapped me, then quit... happy vday

@AO, my Catfish. U sent model pics, claiming it was u. U look like Fantasia in person.
i smashed anyway cuz i drove so far to meet u...happy vday i guess

yall share those flowers and candy... 1 rose and 1 chocolate a piece :D