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what the f#ck is good about a blackberry?

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i see everyone with these 🤬 and dickridin bbm....what do them 🤬 do and do they do it any better than an iphone or android phone?


  • grumpy_new_yorker
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    nothing. it is their brand of choice droid and iphone can do whatever a blacberry can [-the support of adobe flash.] people been loyal blackberry customers for years.
  • Stew
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    They call it Crackberry for a reason.

    BB FTW!
  • 2pacnbiggie
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    nothing its a 🤬 android, winmo and iphone are all better than wackberry. Its a girls phone
  • alvarez_313
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    I'm a blackberry faithful, even though I've been looking at a droid lately.. But all in all I'm staying with BB.. It's great for the purpose I use it for which is getting my corporate email, web browsing, texting and phone calls. I personally don't need all those apps that iphone and droid have, some of them seem really helpful though to be honest. I'm hoping RIM steps up and allows more development of USEFUL apps and not a bunch of bs one's just to say they have 1000's of apps. Plus I still prefer a qwerty KEYBOARD versus a touchscreen.