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‘Xbox Event’ Website Registered

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Is Microsoft’s next console about to be revealed?

A new domain suggests that Microsoft could be preparing an event to announce its next console. According to WHOIS data, XboxEvent.com was registered yesterday by U.S. Techs, a company recently rebranded as Eventcore that provides “advanced, customized solutions in the event management industry.”

As sleuths on the NeoGAF forums point out, U.S. Techs also registered XboxE312.com (the event site used to sign up for Microsoft’s press briefing at E3 last year) as well as Microsoft’s 2013 Hosting Summit site, which includes the text “this site is hosted for Microsoft by U.S. Techs” at the bottom.

For now, we can’t be sure what exactly XboxEvent.com is or what it might be used for, but hot on the heels of Sony’s dedicated conference to reveal the PlayStation 4 this week, this could be an indicator that Microsoft is getting ready to hold its own event to announce the new Xbox soon.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft about the site and will update this article with any comment we receive.


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    anything to shut the playstation fanboys up would be appreciated.
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    Microsoft trying to save face & trying to counteract to what they saw Wednesday.....

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    April I read.

    Microsoft is shook.
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    from ign

    Microsoft Hacked by Same Method as Apple and Facebook

    Company reports malware intrusion on corporate machines.

    by Scott Lowe

    February 22, 2013

    Like Apple and Facebook, Microsoft has found itself victim of a cyberattack this week. Announced on its Security Response Center Blog, Microsoft says that it had detected an intrusion to a small number of corporate machines, though it claims that customer data was once again unaffected. While Microsoft didn't expressly say that the attack was perpetuated by the same group as the Apple and Facebook hacks, it noted that the "techniques similar to those documented by other organizations."

    On February 19th, Apple reported that it a number of its machines had been infected via a malicious Java plugin and that sensitive customer data remained intact. Apple and now Microsoft claim they are continuing to investigate the source of the attacks and take necessary measures to prevent future intrusions.
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    I can't wait to flood the forum with random Xbox 🤬 . " Xbox power light is still green!!!" Goofy 🤬 like that