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Thomas Was Alone Coming to PS3/Vita

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Lovely, characterful PC platformer makes its way onto consoles.

Last year's lovely PC indie title Thomas Was Alone is getting a PlayStation Network release for PS3 and Vita.

The game is a wonderfully characterful, nicely designed platformer about quadralaterals with personalities - if you never imagined yourself emphathising with a yellow square, Thomas Was Alone will change your mind. It's got a super soundtrack too. We're rather fond of the game at IGN, awarding it an 8/10 at review.

Creator Mike Bissel has partnered with Curve Studios to code the new versions. It will be out in Spring 2013, replete with director's commentary.

Says SCEE’s Senior Business Development Manager, Shahid Ahmad: “We are delighted to be welcoming Thomas onto our platforms and it has been a huge pleasure to work with such talented developers to bring this unique and charming story to our users. To have such an original indie title available on both PS3 and PS Vita is fantastic, it’s a game with wit and personality and we are sure its arrival on PlayStation platforms will be met with real enthusiasm by our users.”