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Shawty Lo still trying to get another reality show

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Shawty Lo is not giving up on reality TV or providing for his family, including the mothers of his eleven children. Addressing the subject Tuesday, Feb. 26, the rapper says there are ongoing negotiations regarding a new show.

"It's just the legal process right now with Oxygen. We got like five or six other networks right now interested in the show. Basically all the people did is make the show bigger than it already was," Shawty Lo shared with Hip Hop Weekly Tuesday.

As widely reported, Shawty Lo's "All My Babies Mamas" special was canceled after the release of what became a controversial preview video. That video led to a petition that was signed by thousands and a formal complaint from the Parents Television Council (PTC).

According to Shawty Lo, the reality series was not his idea in the beginning and the purpose was not violence or financial gain. He just wanted to share his story.

"People made assumptions that the show was gonna be violent or something or I was doing it for money, but you know, I never had money problems," the rapper claims.

All of that said, would you support a network if they decide to pick up Shawty Lo's show?

It's unclear what networks are interested, but Shawty Lo is keeping busy. He is working on new music.


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