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48 Vaginal Facts

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alright so im about to drop some classic 🤬 , by all means your reactions are welcomed


1.The word "🤬 " is latin for "sheath" or "Scabbard"

2. The plural of 🤬 is Vaginae or Vaginas!

3. The 🤬 begins at the opening of the 🤬 and ends at the 🤬 !

4. The 🤬 is a potential space, meaning that if nothing is holding it open, it collapses like a sock without damn foot

5. The avg length of a unaroused 🤬 in a mature woman, is between 2.5 inches and 3.0 inches wide and 3.5 inches long (🤬 cant handle that mandingo!)

6. The 🤬 can explode and expand up to 200% during 🤬 !

7. Fuzz around the vaginal areas grows for only 3 WEEKS 🤬 !

8. Its damn near impossible for you to lose a 🤬 in a 🤬 , since the opening to the 🤬 is small

9. In a predicament called pelvic prolapse, a 🤬 🤬 can LITERALLY fall out and HANG, yes i said HANG, between her legs

10. a 27-yr old talented woman in 2011 was charged with possession of 54 bags of heroin, NIGGGA 54 bags son, that 🤬 is like a black hole

11. While vulvas typically vary from woman to woman, most vaginas copy after the master 🤬 , the 🤬 of EVE

12. The Ph of a 🤬 is 4!

13. Some things may change the Ph of a 🤬 , MAY, 🤬 , MAY, are vaginal infections, douching, and exposure to 🤬 ! (no 🤬 )

14. The largest 🤬 EVER RECORDED in history, belonged to Anna Swan, she was wnba player status, 7 ft 5 inches tall and weighed about 360 pounds( THATS A BIG 🤬 )

15. In '06, in the novel, "The Haunted 🤬 ", a 🤬 🤬 acted as a gateway to the world of the DEAD! (Afterlife 🤬 )

16. In '09, a healthy kidney was desingated for transplant through the donors at 🤬 at John Hopkins Medical Centre......................this type of surgery is considered less invaisve because the kidney was removed thru a natural opening!!!

17. Approximately, one out of every 6000 women were born without a 🤬 ! *AKA the doll syndrome**

18. The 1st inch or two of the 🤬 has the most nerve endings and is the most pleasure receptive!!!

19. The 1st movie to use the word "🤬 " was the 1946 DISNEY animated film, called "The Story of Menstruation"
(HHAHAHAHAHAH, Walt Dis, was a OG on the low)

20. The 🤬 lies in most 🤬 two or 3 inches inside the 🤬 on the interior wall!!!

21. Trichominiosis is a vaginal infection caused by a sexually transmitted parasite!!

22. There are about 8000 🤬 nerve endings inside the 🤬

23. THE 🤬 IS NOT A 🤬 (to all you slow ass 🤬 that never took sex education properly)

24. Vaginal Lubrication is provided by the Bartholins Glands near the vaginal opening and the 🤬

I'll hit u 🤬 with part 2 after intermission


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    And away you go
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    How 🤬 up would 17 be tho? That's messed up.
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    🤬 your english is terrible on some of these
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    The list will further solidify the power of the 🤬
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    yo son move this 🤬 back to grown & sexy

    this is info that needs not to be segregated to just the women on the IC

    and i mean all 7 of them
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    @Twatgetta somewhere writing these down...
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    kai_valya wrote: »
    .IRS. wrote: »
    How 🤬 up would 17 be tho? That's messed up.

    they just get a vaginoplasty

    all the internal stuff is there, just no opening

    i read something about a girl in india, and how they found out she had no 🤬 is she complained of severe stomach pains, and they found that it was cuz her period was collecting inside her 🤬 cuz she had no opening

    Your welcome

    I had to open the eyes of the IC to this epidemic

    the doll epidemic

    Doll epidemic- the doll epidemic is a terrible condition where a woman is born with just two holes and her gentials are not present, therefore looking like a doll

    used in a sentence

    a yo 🤬 , the 🤬 aint got no 🤬 , its the doll epidemic 🤬
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    kai_valya wrote: »
    .IRS. wrote: »
    How 🤬 up would 17 be tho? That's messed up.

    they just get a vaginoplasty

    all the internal stuff is there, just no opening

    i read something about a girl in india, and how they found out she had no 🤬 is she complained of severe stomach pains, and they found that it was cuz her period was collecting inside her 🤬 cuz she had no opening

    "Wtf happened to your 🤬 baby!"

    ~ :( 🤬 didn't give me one.... another win for science tho!
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    this got moved to the powder room. ether.
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    Intelligent designed my ass
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    #14 pics or 🤬

    #17 ducktales?

    #20 duh!!
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    🤬 got a punching bag 🤬 , pics?
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    lmao..the excessive use of exclamation points is hilarious to me for some reason.

    Kinda interesting though.
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    Pretty basic information but not everyone knows how true #13 is. A woman's pH balance can so easily be affected. Just having a new sex partner (clean and tested) can change it and in fact even lead to infection.

    Taking antibiotics, keeping a wet bathing suit on for too long and other minor things can do the same.

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    17. Approximately, one out of every 6000 women were born without a 🤬 ! *AKA the doll syndrome**

    But they probably compensate by havin' spectacular head game
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    so #12 would that make it acidic or a base. ladies would anyone of you mind if I come over and perform a personal litmus test. I know i'm stupid *slaps myself*
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    Ph is 4 huh
    well the world turns over on its axis
    I needs me a lithmus tester out here
  • BigBallsNoWorriesBigBallsNoWorries Members Posts: 5,461 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ph 4 would make the 🤬 lean towards the more acidic side

    i could only imagine a porn stars is like a lower quality of nuclearic acid and 🤬 that eats thru walls
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    Power of the P-U-S-S-Y
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    we ever getting those 24 other facts?
  • BigBallsNoWorriesBigBallsNoWorries Members Posts: 5,461 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Awwwww 🤬 yall been asking for it like a highly anticpated mixtape (for real no one cares about albums lol)

    and im about to give you that hot 🤬 , that hard concrete, cement hardened info, that hot fire (no dylan), real grimy yet interesting, a little something for the streets and little something for them suburbanites or whatever 🤬 you call them

    im a call this 🤬

    the NEXT 24!!!

    We Up in this 🤬 like a fetus

    24. The world record for the most female orgasm in one day, (meaning them 24 hrs), is 222!!!!!!!
    (Awwww hell nah, lol but yo her 🤬 was puttin in that wrk, back breaking 🤬 🤬 , so much so it went on strike for at least 2 wks lol)

    25. The farthest recorded distance that a woman has 🤬 /squirted was 10.3 ft
    (GOT DAYUM, girl should b in 2016 olympics long distance for this, she would take PLATNIUM, yes i said it PLATINUM)

    26. The largest 🤬 on an animal goes to the Blue Whale, with an average of length of 6-8 ft
    (#[email protected]#)

    27. During childbirth the 🤬 , provides the channel to deliver the newborn from the 🤬 to its independant life outside the body of the mother!

    28. During birth, the elasticity of the 🤬 allows it to stretch many times its normal diameter

    29. The 🤬 provides a path for menustral blood and tissue to leave the body

    30. In industrial societies, tampons, menstrual cups, and sanitary napkins may be used to capture or absorb these fluids

    31. The 🤬 is self-cleansing and therefore needs no special treatment. Doctors generally discourage the practices of douching

    (YEAAAAAAA RIGGGGGHTTTTTT, 🤬 that 🤬 , 🤬 better think twice before the young adonis takes that trip down south, using that "oh but my 🤬 cleans itself, baby im good" excuse FOH

    32. Douching refers to vaginal irrigation, meaning the rinisnig of the 🤬 !!!!

    33. Most vaginal discharges 🤬 functions such as menstruation or sexual arousal

    35. 🤬 is actually a real disease that girls can get!!

    36. 🤬 is caused by severe infections in your 🤬 , from ridicoulous insane amounts of 🤬 intake, among other things going into it, like drugs, bath salts, rubberbands, toothbrushes, tomato sauce, lettuce, highlighter, pencils and so on and so on, making it brusie, giving it that smurf bluish look in its name

    (with that being said I DARE YOU 🤬 NOT TO LOOK IT UP lol)

    37. THERE IS NOT ONE 🤬 CURE FOR BLUE "LEGGO MY EGGO" WAFFLE!!!, you been warned ladies and 🤬

    38. The avg 🤬 length is 1 inch

    39. The avg 🤬 thickness is 0.05- 0.10 inches

    40. The avg ovary size is 1.5 inches long, and 1 inch thick!!!!

    41. The avg period duration is 5 days!!! =(
    (I cant run red lights unlike some you 🤬 , 🤬 a girl looking like u just 🤬 a 🤬 corpse, smh at you 🤬 dying of that thirst, but yea ive done it on that note, im a repeated offender, but ive learned lol)

    42. The avg menstrual cycle duration is 28 days 🤬 , 28 days!!

    43. The avg age of menapause is 48-49 yrs!

    44. The avg duration of a female orgasm is 5-8 seconds
    (unless you r like yours trulys, and shes shaking like theres a internal earthquake in her vaginal walls =)

    45.Paris Hilton has been caught not wearing any draws at least 6 times in public!!!

    46. There are approxiamtely 3.2 billion 🤬 on earth, that is until they find that space 🤬 , but until then *Trigga Trey voice* Ohhh im about to dive innnnnnnn!! Giggity Giggity Goo 🤬

    47. Squaline exist in shark livers and is also a nautral vaginal lubricant

    48. The 🤬 has over 1000 nick names!!!!!!! (i.e monkay, monkey, that thang, lips, dem lips, axe wound, beareded oyster, oyster, 🤬 , cave of wonders, na na, fish taco, quesdialls, pink velvet sauasge wallet, the promised land, the entry, vertical smile, hooded lady and so on and so on)
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    with that being said and all, you ppl are welcome for me enlightining you

    and remember ladies and 🤬


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