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Which is the more STRONG-WILLED nba player....KOBE or MJ

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This is def a fair debate IMO, I am not asking who is better between the two talent wise, get that straight now b4 this 🤬 gets turnt upside down... I am saying who was more mentally trained to do all they could pretty much to get the job done or at least tried too... MJ yeah won his 6 and dominated in his two 3 peats and did it all but there is an argument that Kobe is actually the most strong minded athletes of all time... He Is the def of an IRONMAN, no injury has made him sit and maintains high level of play during any problems physically, plays under the most duress of probably any athlete (wifey 🤬 , Shaq, Phil, court case)... He never gives in to NOTHING... He mite not win them all but he believes he can just as MJ which makes him just as great if not greater .. He has never left the Lakers during anything although he was close he stood tall... Jordan left the game bc of his pops in his prime and even though he came back he was mentally tore up... Kobe isnt better than MJ but i say, dude hasn't and wont crumble... Playoffs or not Kobe is focused for whatever... I just think Kobe is more strong indeed than MJ even tho MJ was better than Kobe... Debate!

Which is the more STRONG-WILLED nba player....KOBE or MJ 19 votes

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    KOBE STANS!!!!!!

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    I ain't think it was possible... But I'm this close...

    THISCLOSE... To bilfigger status.
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    The nerve of this thread... With the kind of season the lakers been having.
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    Ain't close....Kobe by far, when 🤬 got tough this lame MJ quit on his city, his team, and himself.....old lost his smile ass 🤬 .

    Kobe played through the 🤬 trial, freedom hanging in the balance. Plus all the injuries he played through. Unlike mike who's claim to fame was the "flu game" when the 🤬 was hungover and lied about having the flu.....word to grantland.

    But magic owns this thread, for playing through the 🤬 . Lol
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    One of these threads again.
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    Kobe is simply better than MJ. This will become clear once Kobe retires and the real basketball heads start to debate their careers free of emotion and hate.

    Until then chill with these threads. It's not fair to compare a retired player to a player who still has a lot of gas in his tank.
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    After I seen how Kobe performed under those 🤬 case conditions nobody comes close. So many players would have folded.

    Jordan quit the game after he got his pops clapped.
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    @jimrome: Doc Rivers told me Kobe is underrated: “because he followed Michael, he probably doesn’t get the due he deserves.” http://t.co/2bQa7Jx4s5
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    **Warning: Introspective Titangraph coming**

    When I first read this thread, I was actually going to say: "MJ, and it's not even close"....

    And this coming from Kobe's biggest fan...

    Then I slapped myself and remember Jordan literally had to "quit" for 2 years to "clear his head"...

    This is the thing people have to remember when they say "Jordan coulda won 8 titles in a row if he didn't retire"....

    And if Charles Barkley had hair, he'd have a perm..... THE POINT IS HE DIDN'T!!!

    I even make the mistake in falling into this line of thinking sometimes, "Jordan coulda had 8", but the reality is, he was mentally exhausted... He lost his drive.... Jordans game is 90% mental, and he lost his mental edge...

    Kobe, on the other hand, has had the same mental edge for 17 years STRAIGHT and it's never went away...

    Jordan 6 NBA titles (6 gold medals)

    Kobe 5 NBA titles and 2 Finals Losses (5 Gold Medals and 2 silver)...

    Kobe actually went to the finals more than Jordan, and only has 1 less title, which is a feat in itself....

    The ONLY ARGUMENT I could make against Kobe, since we keeping it real... is how he choked in game 7 in the finals vs boston, and ron artest LITERALLY saved a big part of his legacy... The pressure got to him... it was visible in his face and in his game... he simply DID NOT WANT TO LOSE TO BOSTON AGAIN, and he was more like a fluffy poodle than the black Mamba...

    Ron Ron saved kobe, I'll never deny that...

    But Cracking under pressure in 1 game >>> Needing to take 2 full years off to clear your head... So in the end, Kobe wins in the will category....

    And dare I say, depending on how you look at it, it's "Not even close"
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    This was easy.
  • Tommy bilfiger
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    Kobe doesn't will 🤬 he was the leader of teams that were humiliated in finals games,lost playoff elimination games by 32,36,39 and has been swept as a defending champion

    Edit Ya'll talkin about mentalities.I couldn't care less about that.I thought u were talkin about will as in leading.
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    Wow I read the thread after I posted the delusions in here are epic
    I ain't think it was possible... But I'm this close...

    THISCLOSE... To bilfigger status.

    Lmao now you see what I be talkin about dog.I don't have nothin Against kobe it's his groupies that are embarrassing that's exactly why I troll the fucc outta em they are Woat of any athlete ever
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    MJ is. Kobe is not far behind. Say what you want but the 🤬 case actually bothered is his play to some degree, that's why even he said the reason he exploded in 05-06 season was because he got a chance to refocus without any distractions.

    But I witness Kobe stop shooting against the suns in elimination game to prove a point about shutting people up about being a ball hog. But that's like the only knock against kobe.

    MJ quitting but coming back is actually impressive in my eyes. You quit in the mist of your prime then come back and prove people wrong about you not able to pick up where you left off. MJ is 1a and Kobe is 1b.
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    Y'all really found a new way to do this 🤬 ...
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