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Am I eligible for a new NFL team?

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I am lost as a football fan, I'm losing my passion for it by the year... aside from the business side of football and these irritating ass yearly rule changes I am a tired fan of my squad... I am a SD Chargers fan and have been with the squad since the 1-15 Doug Flutie Era... I stay in the Inland Empire of Cali deadsmack in between LA, S.D., and O.C.... With no LA teams, I said screw it I'm a charger... I love being an underdog so pulling for them was great since I was the only fan in Cali damn near not a Raider or Cowboy, But I think I'm at my wits in where I need a change... I have been on alert with the reports o the Chargers considering going to San Antonio or LA... It's not so much I wanna change bc they suck now, it's the lack of organizational will to win at all cost that kills me... But most of all, team pride as I get older it's hard to be a proud chargers fan... No athletic championships in community history, cheap ownership, weak fan base, lack of killer instinct as a team (they tank 1/4 of the season every year), poor team history that's just pathetic... I am a proud Laker fan, I'm a winner so I can't accept being in love with a loser which I feel I've become...

The Chargers REFUSE to pay their own homegrown talent but love to build thru draft?! Numerous blackouts every Sunday,it sucks being a fan, on top of that P. Rivers went from most accurate QB arguably to pick happy, no big namers after we let the league take our talent... I'm just sick of excuses and sad to say I don't know if we can get it together.... The big acquisition for us is DANnY WOODHEAD smh.... I am in deepthought of jumping ship to Oakland real 🤬 ... I know that sounds cray but they fit wat I'm about.... Hate it or love it Raider Nation is the best group of fans in the league IMO, they have rich history outside the past 10-15 years lol, raiders dominate here in Cali mainly LA region where I'm from, I wouldn't be a actual bandwagoner and I would be a fan of a prideful west coast team... They might continue to for a year or 2 but whenthey get back I will be able to claim true fandomship rite ?!