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A new ally has joined Israel in the struggle against Hezbollah: AL-QAEDA

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A new ally has joined Israel in the struggle against Hezbollah. Al-Qaida recently published a harsh attack on Hezbollah, in which it calls on Shi’ites to leave then renounce the organization “if they do not wish to be the target of Al-Qaida attacks.”

In a recording broadcasted on Al-Qaida websites, the commander of the Abdullah Azzam Shaheed Brigade in Syria, Majd al-Majd, stated that “the claim that of the Shiite leaders that Israel and the United States are responsible for the murder of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri and for sparking the rebellion in Syria are baseless. The ones behind the murder were the leaders of Hezbollah, the keepers of the border with Israel.”

Al-Majd, a Saudi citizen who lived until recently in the Ein al-Hilweh refugee camp in Lebanon, and from there moved to Syria, is on Saudi Arabia’s most wanted list. Two months ago, he was “elected” to be the head of the Syrian branch of Al-Qaida. According to Jordanian intelligence, Al-Majd oversees nearly 6,000 militants that entered Syria from Iraq and Turkey.

Al-Majd tells the Lebanese Shi’ites that “sending your sons from Lebanon so that they fight on the side of the criminal regime in Syria, 🤬 our sons and frighten our wives, is considered support for the oppressor against the oppressed, and fully participating in a crime…Hassan Nasarallah’s characterization of the members of the regime who were killed as martyrs is an insult to millions of Muslims.” Al-Qaida is a Sunni organization, and its leaders see Hezbollah’s rule in Lebanon and the minority Alawite rule in Syria as a reality that must be forever changed. Al-Majd does not hesitate to threaten all of Lebanon, should Hezbollah continue to support the Assad regime. “Hezbollah’s existence is a threat to Lebanon’s security and tourism industry,” he said, hinting that his organization would not think twice before planning an attack on tourists in Lebanon, should the state continue to strengthen Hezbollah and its leaders.

The Al-Qaida branch in Syria is competing with another jihadist organization headed by Jordanian Salafi preacher Muhammad Al-Shalabi, also known as “Abu Sayyaf.” In an interview with Saudi newspaper Al-Sharq, Abu Sayyef said that he oversees hundreds of fighters from Jordan, Iraq, Libya and other Arab states, some of which are “fighters from Al-Qaida who went to battle in Iraq,” and that his organization “received the recognition of Al-Qaida.” His organization claimed responsibility for several impressive bombings in Syria, while Al-Majd claimed his organization was responsible for those same bombings.

A power struggle is now taking place between the two organizations, while Abu Sayyef’s group is focusing on operations in southern Syria, specifically in Daraa. On the other hand, Al-Majd is focusing on northern Syria, and has even taken control over one of the border crossings between Syria and Turkey. Al-Majd demands that his fighters, as well as those of the Free Syria Army refrain from carrying out attacks with explosive devices, since they can harm innocent people. It seems, though, that said expressions of compassion are just another way to criticize Abu Sayyef’s organization.

Another power is expected to enter the fray, as well. A group of Al-Qaida militants from Yemen, have apparently decided to journey to Syria to fight against Assad’s regime, and attempt to seize a stake in ruling the country. According to reports in Yemen, an initial group of militants has already begun the journey to Syria, and there is much concern that a religious war between the organizations will erupt as well – to be fought alongside the war against Assad.


lmao this 🤬 is 🤬 crazy, they gon make a gang of video games and movies about this Syrian Civil War, 🤬 is like The Royal Rumble w/ jihadists.


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    Lindsey Graham, John McCain Call For U.S. Intervention in Syria

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    On Tuesday, Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) released a joint statement calling for U.S. intervention in Syria after unconfirmed reports of chemical weapon usage.

    McCain and Lindsey prompted the Obama administration to create safe zones for civilians and Syrian opposition groups, provide weapons to opposition groups, partake in targeted air strikes, and deploy SCUD missiles on ground. According to the statement, McCain and Graham believe that if these tactics were utilized earlier, Syria would have been deterred from using chemical weapons. Question is, would this be an appropriate course of action in handling Syria if the reports ring true? In this case, another messy foreign entanglement can end up doing more harm than good for the U.S.

    An Israeli official said that it is “apparently clear” chemical weapons were used in Syria, though Minister of Intelligence and Strategic Affairs, Yuval Steinitz has said there is still no evidence to assert such claims. In a time where the U.S. finds itself attempting to police the likes of both Iran and North Korea from advancing in nuclear warfare, Syria could prove to be another issue as prevalent as the U.S.’s 10-year anniversary of invading Iraq.

    According to a senior military advisor of the president’s in a New York Times piece, Obama doesn't view Syria as a speedy and salvageable situation as he did with Libya — rather, he equates Syria to Iraq. Meaning that U.S. intervention could lead to an aftermath it would be stuck with. A Duke University professor, Peter Feaver in the same piece said that he predicts the president is purposely trying to avoid Syria so that the U.S. wouldn't hold responsibility for the storm to come.

    Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Mike Rogers said of America's reputation in the Middle East, "The United States has lost the faith of the opposition. They even at one point turned down a meeting with the secretary of state of the United States, they were so fed up. Our allies in the region are getting very nervous about us."

    "If we're ever going to have a diplomatic solution where this regime doesn't get to the point where it uses mass quantities of chemical weapons, we've got to rebuild our credibility," he said. "One way to do that is to remove their capability to use chemical weapons on civilians."

    Rogers went on to say that it was also possible to deter Syria from the usage of chemical weapons without deploying U.S. troops. A euphemism for drone strikes? Either way, Syria is another volatile region where President Bashar Hafez al-Assad’s reign and opposition to it has hastened a dark cloud over the country, wrought with civil war. And despite the complications that could arise with involvement, last year, Obama did issue a severe warning to Syria.

    “We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized,” he said.

    “That would change my calculus.”

    If that red line has in fact been crossed, the situation will boil down to whether or not Obama and the U.S. are prepared to follow through on previous warnings.

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    Al-Qaeda has been infiltrated.
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    Lol McCain and chemical weapons in the same sentence. His old ass must be feeling nostalgic.
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    let me tell you what, this is going to be one HELL of a tag-team
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    this is joke right?
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    this is no joke....why do you think the US really didnt go after al queda like that. they let them live. they just took out the people the were more against the US. but the al queda mindframe will also go after iran.....just watch
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    MzzKlapBak wrote: »
    this is joke right?

    nope 🤬 is really dat real

    tell me the Syrian Civil War don't sound like the wildest fictional war setting you ever heard of

    like read this again and TELL ME it don't sound like a synopsis for a new show on HBO/Showtime/AMC:

    "A group of Al-Qaida militants from Yemen, have decided to journey to Syria to fight against Assad’s regime, and attempt to seize a stake in ruling the country. An initial group of militants has already begun the journey to Syria, and there is much concern that a religious war between the organizations will erupt as well – to be fought alongside the war against Assad."

    lol and the show follows that Yemen group.......

    i would watch the 🤬 outta that, Sons of Anarchy/Game of Thrones w/ terrorists and dictators 🤬 crazy

    instant sticky thread in Lights Camera Action, potential GOAT show
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