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Walt Frazier Catchin Feelings Over Heat Record



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    Monizzle14 wrote: »
    I know i keep repeating myself but just there mere fact that some of these modern day centers could take a 20 foot and 30 foot jumper would scare the 🤬 out of any 🤬 in the 70's. Also the guards of today are allot more tougher when driving to the whole than the past. Those 2 factors even a 10 or 11th ranked team in the east could scare the 🤬 out of the 70's nba's if they played a single season in the 70's.

    Its just like when people say babe ruth in baseball was the GOAT...🤬 jeter was taller than babe and the average pitch was 80 miles per hour. Overtime athletics in all sports has jump to astounding highs with the 1 and done college basketball being a slight exception. To make the charlotte bobcats or any low ranking team you have to be 10 times better than what it took to make the worse nba team in the 90's. there is so much more raw talent.

    Ask adam morrison, jimmer ferdette, christain laitner, etc. how hard it is even as a top college player to play in the NBA.

    Who cares. That fool is a multi-millionaire and has two championship rings.
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    No rondo, stoudemire, rose, granger, kyrie Irving and Bynum means the streak is weak
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    I dont care what anybody says, the heat balling at an extremely high level. Yall know they looking like a video game.
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    No rondo, stoudemire, rose, granger, kyrie Irving and Bynum means the streak is weak

    🤬 ........
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    No rondo, stoudemire, rose, granger, kyrie Irving and Bynum means the streak is weak

    Lol you must be one of those 🤬 growing up who made excuses for 🤬 . "That win doesn't count I forgot my "special" sega genisis controller at home!"...."Of course you stole my girl its not fair i didn't have my throwback Jordan Jersey on at that party so i had bad luck!"

    lol even as a sixers fan i have to laugh at putting bynum in this 🤬 ....if his lazy ass came back he wasn't doin 🤬 ...matter fact 🤬 woulda got hurt again trina chase bosh around the perimeter and he would be out for 2 years lets be honest hahaha.

    The celtics played the head better when rondo was out of the lineup. With rondo you don't have to guard him at the top of the key making it 10 times easier to play a zone. Jeff green killed the heat cause being the primary scorer a few weeks ago he could hit a deep shot and 🤬 it down low.