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Illuminati, origins of the baphomet. Meaning of Blue Ivy. freemasons get in here.



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    Personally, I fear Allah and believe the Baphomet will fall like everything else evil.

    Baphomet is your prophet is what they say.

    And @Sour wheres the proof for lilith? Thats some 🤬 feminists and witches invented

    this is what the illuminati believe, doesn't mean It's necessarily true. Freemasons believe in satanic 🤬 .
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    I just stumbled across this trash. My friend I can tell you with absolute proof that what you speak is a lie. Your savior from that bible is the true Great Deceiver. After EVERYTHING perpetuated against mankind behind that book you would even utter such nonsense as knowledge from the great deceiver. Every single calamity in that bible was done by your 🤬 . It's a great mythos. Meant to enslave the minds of those you possess the Veil Of Ignorance. You say lucifer's weapon is to make you believe he doesn't exist yet Atheists don't believe in jesus because their is no definitive proof of his existence.
    So sounds like that weapon is one forged by your savior not lucifer. Lucifer's existence is taken metaphorically to mean an Age Of Information. Also Yeshua has been referred to under the same titles as Lucifer. Yeshua says he was the way the truth and the Light. Lucifer means Light Bearer in Latin tongue. There are other scriptures as well that title Yeshia as the Light(John 8:12) Which to us translates as the Second Age Of Information. This is the 3rd we are in now. So there is no reason why you should still willingly except deceit. Some of you still yell from the roof tops, Who can make war with our savior (the beast).
    Rev 13:12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast
    before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein
    to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.
    Your jesus's wounds were healed buddy. Remember he had one of his deceivers look through the hole in his hand. Want to know the name of the ship that brought over your ancestors to America? It was called The Good Jesus. Keep praising the beast and see where it gets you once the world makes one of the beasts (religion) obsolete.