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Atlantics Vol 3

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One year ago from today on April 20th, 2012, we released Atlantics Vol. 2 - a sprawling collection of tracks by talented friends and artists from around the world. This year, we asked a completely different group of fresh faces to contribute, and the result is something special.

Not nearly as ambitious in scope as the previous installment (although pretty damn close) Volume 3 is a more concise and understated compilation, but no less engaging by any means.

Spanning genres as disparate as hi-fi footwork and grainy new wave, it is another diverse and soulful collection of tunes that is sure to have something for everyone. Hopefully in addition to recognizing familiar names, you are also able to discover new talent, as showcasing the underground is something we continually strive to accomplish.

Peace and love to our listeners.

This came out yesterday, I spoke of the Jacob 2-2 joint on what I'm listening to now.

I will be listening to this album in full once I put it in my MP3 player. If you like a variety of different sounds all packed into one compliation, this is a gift!

Atlantics Vol 3