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windows 8 advice/help

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I have a Lenovo laptop and I just added a free app for an snes emilator called snesx. the on screen display has an snes control pad layout or you can use an xbox controller or keyboard. the only thing is the games aren't already installed. theres only a rom for an airwolf shooter. so my question is how do I adjust my laptop for touch screen capability if possible? and also how do I download roms for snes I wan't to get down on some superdouble dragon madden 93 etc.
any advice would be appreciated. thanx.


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    No problem its pretty easy really. I know which emulator your referring to. i have the snes8x on both my surface pro and on my lumia 920. but see the thing is that emulator(and the majority of most other apps in the market) is optimized for touch. and both of those devices are touched based so its playable on either. but in your case, i mean u can scale down the resolution to play it on the laptop but its not very intuitve unless u have a touch screen laptop. if not, then what id recommend is for u to get a usb wireless receiver and just play it with an xbox 360 controller. its much better that way.

    as for downloading the roms to the device, its simple. if u havent already create a skydrive account. if u already have one cool. next go to a website titled coolrom.com they have all the snes favorites(killer instinct, super metroid, zelda, super punch out, donkey kong etc.). select one and download and save it to your local drive. specify the directory to a certain folder or a place u can remember. once thats finished, go on to your skydrive account and upload that file to it. after that, open up the snes8x emulator. there will be a section that says "open rom via skydrive". select the file u downloaded from the webiste and it will simply start loading onto the emulator. once its done, take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy
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    Downgrade to Windows 7