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My Bloody Valentine - m b v

OuncemanOunceman Posts: 6,689 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited April 2013 in R&B & Alternatives
surprise no one made this. anyway i consider myself a huge my bloody valentine fans. they went on to influence countless bands that came after them with the landmark album loveless. despite not having much success in the states. i could write a full length description on their accomplishments and who they blazed a path for but this isnt the thread for that. after loveless came out about 23 years ago, ive been waiting for another album for years. i remember when kenvin shields announced late last year they would releasing another album after they got back together. and here we are with mbv. so far it has an average rating of 87 on metacritic so its been received well with the critics thus far. but i wanna know what many casual listeners think?

well after listening to it for the 3rd time and allowing it to settle in, i felt at first after the intro they were trying to make another loveless with alot of the overuse of effect pedals. i thought to myself "they waited 20+ years to come out with this?" but the more the album progressed i got elements of drum n bass, alternative, and even a little electronica. and it blended in well. its like the album started to come together and i understood their vision the more i listened to it. i felt like this was the next logical step for the band to make after a masterpiece like loveless. i firmly believe this might be the best rock album of the past 5 years let alone this one



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