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Ladies.....how often do you touch your 🤬 ?

MsSouthern Bunny Members, Moderators Posts: 21,791 Regulator
I'm not talking about giving yourself a breast exam in the shower..... although WE ALL SHOULD BE DOING THAT MONTHLY

But just holding on to your 🤬 .

I do this at random times... like sometimes in traffic I might hold my left 🤬 . Like give it extra support. I'm guessing I do the left one cause my other hand is on the wheel.

I'll also do it while I'm watching TV or a movie... like I might grab them or even 🤬 them a little

Not daily or anything. And not unless I'm alone. But I've noticed over the years this is something I do

Am I alone on this one ?


  • playmaker88
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    i thought she was hacked lol.. when i read the title
  • Chi Snow
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    I believe, MsS correct me if I'm wrong, you wanted to know if the ladies spend they time doing this:

    U did type 'pics/vid evidence' in the op correct?
  • joseph sun
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    Empress_ wrote: »
    You are not alone.

    No MJ.

    Without warrant or reason though. My body, why not?

    can you suckle me miss marley?
  • twatgetta
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    Sucking on 🤬 help them grown. fact. jus sayin' @kaivalya
  • BrideofKilla
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    Constantly.especially when I go to sleep at nite. I like to hold one and softly squeeze it through the night. Or really anytime i'm laying down even just watching TV.the only time I have to hold both is if i'm running with no training bra on for fear of concussion, smh.
  • deadeye
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    MrsWest wrote: »
    Lol nope Lol Sometimes give them a quick squeeze. Not to mention adjusting them throughout the day. I randomly shake them with my hands throughout the day. I'll do this in the bathroom
    [img]http://regretfulmorning.com/wp-content/gallery/🤬 -gifs/🤬 -13.gif[/img]
    taeboo wrote: »
    I adjust them throughout the day and sometimes I'll give them a squeeze if they're looking extra good that day....



  • twatgetta
    twatgetta Members Posts: 6,705 ✭✭✭✭✭
    got this piece I tap dat say if her nips ain't straight in the bra it's uncomfrotable so she adjust em.
  • MsSouthern
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    twatgetta wrote: »
    got this piece I tap dat say if her nips ain't straight in the bra it's uncomfrotable so she adjust em.

    I do this too

    I like mine to be perky and facing the same way

  • Trollio
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  • twatgetta
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    MrsWest wrote: »
    This is freaking weird but..

    I have this weird habit of caressing my 🤬 in my sleep.

    I've woken up several times to being felt up by my own hands.

    My bf has caught me as well. He's also caught me lightly running my fingers over my stomach in my sleep.

    It's so embarrassing and I have no idea why I do it.

    Don't be embarrassed. 🤬 are fun. I get 🤬 and squeeze my friends 🤬 and I've been felt up by my friends as well. They're fun to play with to me. *shrugs*

    🤬 are fun. Your 🤬 look really fun.

    Mine are like Chuck E Cheese fun...you got them Disneyland 🤬 guhl.


    it's really all about the nipple tho'. the bigger the better.
  • Matt-
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    thats not touching yourself
  • Kat
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    🤬 you and your entire life @AP12
    NYETOPn Members Posts: 1,276 ✭✭✭✭✭
    As long as it isn't digging between the 🤬 , rubbing the underboobs and then smelling the finger(s)- that 🤬 's horrible-random 🤬 play is quite a magnificent sight to behold.
  • twatgetta
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    I like it when broads leave the table at the restaurant and come back and you can tell they pinched dem nipples or the A/C hit her on her way back, 🤬 jumpin'. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......
  • Ounceman
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    *awaits a response from @lechic*