What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.


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In an era where vocals have become seemingly less and less emphasized in R&B, Miguel came with an amazing body of work last year that showed real singers can still thrive. It's really no wack songs on the album. Adorn crushed the charts and Miguel inspired some singers to return to their original R&B roots. While a lot of R&B seems to be overly hip hop influenced and formulaic nowadays, Miguel showed out from an artistic standpoint displaying great lyrics over refreshing production with a lil raunchiness splashed in there (🤬 is Mine).

What's your favorite songs on this album? Do you think he will be able to follow it up proper?


  • J. Will
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    first time listening to it, i was a lil indifferent about it...let it sit for a while, listened to it again a few weeks later and i was extremely impressed...favorite joints are Kaleidoscope Dream, How many Drinks?, Where's the Fun in Forever, The Thrill, Arch & Point, and 🤬 is mine..
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    My favorite is "Use Me"..."Arch & Point" sets the mood aaaaaalll the time..."Kaleidoscope Dream" is great for when you stoned, that bassline is a mofucka...
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    I just started 🤬 with Use Me more. From the jump Arch & Point, Kaleidoscope Dream, How Many Drinks and The Thrill were my favorite records.

    And yea I liked it at first but it grew on me even more as time went by.
  • buttuh_b
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    They were playing How Many Drinks at the skating rink and that 🤬 was jammin b.
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    abn562 wrote: »
    gravity, wheres the fun in forever, 🤬 is mine, adorn, do you, candles in the sun...
    dude is a 🤬 boss at what he does, hope he comes thru and keeps it up for his second album...
    already worked with Alicia keys and Mariah carey, he made it fo sho

    KD was his second album