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  • Cinco
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    Who has printed pics anymore.
    But uh he needs to scan em and keep them on an cd/DVD

    I had to do that bc my chic be using my computer (no Haf) and said it bothered her. All good
  • buttuh_b
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    You don't throw pictures away.
  • Batman.
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    TBH, she can keep hers and I can keep mine. I don't care. Just as long as they aren't framed like some momento 🤬 , I don't do that either because its disrespectful.
  • Kat
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    Only youngins wouldn't have printed pics.

    Even now I prefer looking at real pictures in an album.
  • Meta_Conscious
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  • bull6599
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    Eh..is he looking at these pics or are they in storage? Are they risque pics or just regular?

    I mean they do represent a time of his life even if it was before you. I have photo albums that have some pics of exes and past lovers in them. I'm not about to throw them away either, that was a chapter of my life.

    I don't have them out nor do I really even look at them, but I might want to in my old age.

    Guess it just depends on the nature of the pics.

    ^^^This^^^. Those ppl & relationships are a part of me & helped me become who I am. They represent good memories & good times I had w/ ppl that I once shared a bond w/. I haven't looked at my pics in years nor I have I talked to any of them in a few years save for 2 of em. And that was due to deaths in their families.

  • Valentinez A. Kaiser
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    He uses them when the internet is "down"....
  • Trollio
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  • haute
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    Marley why are you jailed

    You light incense around the wrong mod?
  • Iheartheels
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    I completely agree that pictures represent memories....and no, he doesn't have a shrine or anything like that but also it's not like he has a handful of them that he collected over the years, no, this girl went and printed like 152 pics after he broke up with her!
  • Squidward Tentacles
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    edited May 2013
    just tell him to lose the pics. don't let some internet randoms decide the fate of your relationship when you don't know the reason he has these pics in the first place.
  • Kat
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    Yes because you're fine example of maturity.

    who said anything about maturity?

    stick to corny Batman puns, troll.
  • ohhhla
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    I''m sorry Kat you caught feelings.

    Ignoring him would have made you a powerful poster.
  • Batman.
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    Yes because you're fine example of maturity.

    who said anything about maturity?

    stick to corny Batman puns, troll.

    How long did it take you to think of a response? That's how you know you ain't getting 🤬 , you get 🤬 you got no time to think of a response to a 🤬 you don't know on the internet.
  • twatgetta
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    tell dat 🤬 da' pics were there b4 her ass was, now deal wit it or kick rocks, the pics stay.
  • MsSouthern
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    He can have them as long as he's not sitting around reminiscing about the past or watching any videos

    And none in any frames put up in the house
  • BelovedAfeni
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    guilty of trespassing

    sentence 7 lashes
    Oh snap! one of my favorite female posters has returned!!!
    I held onto old pics and letters too, until my "girl" became my wife. I had to let that 🤬 go then.

    Imagine him getting rid of all his pics and mementos only for you to blindside him on some "It's not you, it's me," or "I need to find myself" on a random Tuesday.

    Well now all he's left with are pics of you. Pics that remind him of how you 🤬 on him and how cruel love can be. He'll stop showering and shaving and eventually become obsessed with you and begin to stalk you and those in your new life, eventually driving you insane and incapable of walking alone in public without fear. Eventually you'll become an old crazy ass cat lady with a head full of rollers and an old robe with the string missing so you have to hold it together with one hand and a cigarette in the other.

    You'll die alone with your face down in a bowl of kitty litter and fur 🤬 sticking out ya ass.

    Those old pics he keeps aren't for your man....they're for you.
    haute wrote: »

    Marley why are you jailed

    You light incense around the wrong mod?

  • LUClEN
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    I hate when exes keep 🤬 like jewelry, photographs, clothing etc.

    All I wanna do is forget them yet I can't get the thought of them possessing concrete material evidence of our relationship and symbols of my affection out of my head.
  • englishdude
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    Stop being weak and get over it, or get him to scan them into his phone so he can use them for wallpapers and screensavers to stop you looking through his phone.
  • twatgetta
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    Little known secret...but females keep pics of their first love, who prolly was their first 🤬 too. these broads in here got em I bet.
  • mryounggun
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    Don't give a 🤬 . It's a picture.
  • DarcSkies
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    Does that matter?
    Hi Skylar. How's the 🤬 ?
  • deadeye
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    Darxwell wrote: »
    Does that matter?
    Hi Skylar. How's the 🤬 ?