What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.




  • edwardnigma
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    Sure way to drive somebody away...trust me
  • LadyDu
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    i d k it different for everyone me personally started throwing pic away after my husband and i had been together for about a year... and every time i run across old pics of exes I laugh and throw it away... some people like to think about the pass and while it was a nice laugh for me I made some room for pictures of me n hubby to look back on years from now...

    would i be mad if he wanted to keep pictures no cuz I know what i have and if his knows what he has he'll get ride of them....

    considering where we live im sure i will run into some but i haven't seen many tho and the few i did we threw away....

    funny thing shortly after we got engaged his mom took down his prom pictures lol she prolly didnt think i noticed but I did it was funny. again we are married tho so i think its different
  • LUClEN
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    i 🤬 hate it when exes keep symbols of my affection
  • WYRM
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    Proud of their trophies, figure it out yourselves.
  • [Deleted User]
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    haute wrote: »

    Marley why are you jailed

    You light incense around the wrong mod?

    Hella late with this one @haute but I laughed and so hello, you have been @'ed.


    And ftr:my jailing was a result of white surpremacy.

    Good evening ma'am.
  • gns
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    I don't ever keep pictures, has nothing to do with the next chick, just never saw the point.

    As far as chick keeping pics of her exxes.....couldn't care less unless she's constantly looking at them.....in that case her new name'll b left eye.
  • twatgetta
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    I think broads that get "touchy" over their man's old library of photo memories are lame and shallow. There's more pressing 🤬 to discuss like how long we are even gonna be together, buying a house together, or having a baby. why a broad gotta be all up in a 🤬 memory books and photo stash is beyond me. Not even knowing that those pics tell his history and if you got problems wit dat, you shouldn't even be wit him. tryna change a 🤬 when you knew how he got down is for the brids. Broads like that should seek out their own private Urkle who has no real library of photo memories. I say this because I have a 🤬 closet with about 12 shoe boxes fulla pics of old times with old girlfriends and I be damn if I allow a broad to throw out those pics. Because think about it, What if yall breakup? then you just destroyed all my pics and memories and also access to potential rebound 🤬 . IJS