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how did lex luthor become p.o.t.u.s in the comics?

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I had to throw in " in the comics" to make my question clear. how did this happen. he was a known criminal and villain. in the jlu series it was obvious if you followed the story from the superman animated series. people didn't know he was a super criminal he had a front as ceo of an industrial company. in the comics post crisis he was joined with brainiac. he tried to 🤬 superman numerous times and he lost his hand due to cancer from wearing a ring with kryptonite embedded in it. so how did he gain the trust of the American people. all this is pre new 52, 52 weeks infinite crisis it happened in the late 90's or early00's I believe. I don't know whats going on with lex nowadays.


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    Wrong forum but he came back as his "son" in a clone body then had Lex Corp perform mad charitable acts as a front which helped him get the credibility to run for Pres. He ended up getting exposed by the end of it all and by the time of Infinite Crisis was known as a megalomaniacal sociopath again.