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If you were A non-black how would you view blacks?

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I'm in no way a 🤬 "apologist" and don't really care about how other people view us unless it makes them more inclined to do us harmed. But if you were a non-black who lived around relatively few blacks but yet you viewed WSHH on the daily watching ignorant negroes go at it in large numbers, how would you view these people. Again I'm not trying to instigate anything. Just an honest question.


  • Mr.LV
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    Damn they still here.
  •   Colin$mackabi$h
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    I don't want think of being anything but myself.
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    must.... not... troll...
  • Lou Cypher
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    I see stuff on Worldstar that downright disgusts me.

    Im smart enough to know that the maybe 20+ people in the video dont have the same mentality as every black/hispanic/asian person tho.

    Every black person is different than the one standing next to them

    Every white person is different than the one next to them.

    Ill see the ratchet 🤬 on WSHH and i know they arent doing it because "its a black thing". That man got his ass beat/killed because of the 🤬 mentality that comes from being raised in certain situations.
  • Muhannad
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    You could make this thread with any ethnicity. Wshh shows the lowest common demominator. While some '[email protected]' have a propensity to act violently towards eachother, every race has these people. When people lack natural resources and perspective they take out their frustrations on eachother. Wshh could just as easily upload videos of poor astern Europeans or central Americans doing ratchet sh*t.
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    Same way I view them now; which is the same as I view other races.
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    This is a very good thread idea. Too bad it's hidden away in a part of the forum where few people come.

    I would have the same view I do now, but I wouldn't be as personally motivated to uplift the condition of the race. But that's because I've studied history, and have some basic knowledge of sociology. Many blacks don't have that, and so I think they'd take a simple-minded ahistorical view of what they see, and as a result have negative attitudes about blacks. Hell, lots of negroes have negative attitudes right now. Imagine how much worse it would be if they were not black. This tells me that a huge factor in interracial antagonism today is still ignorance.
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    I treat all people with respect and I expect the same from them as I would any human. If they don't, 🤬 em, they are non-existent to me.