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Usmarines Best moments

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Usmarine is known for stanning(for Jayz) and such other things like this
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He better get use to being second, it will be like that for the next 6 years.


Anything can happen... Plus Lebron is pushing 30 now.. Lebron is in his prime now... Durant aint...

LOL at anything can happen, Durant doesn't have the motor, physicality, or vision that Lebron has. Plus i don't see Durant getting none of those 3 elements anytime soon, only thing he can add to his game is a post up.

Lebron's prime will probably last until he is around 33 (judging from MJ, Kobe's,etc). Plus Lebron is a young 28, he is nowhere near 30.

Westbrook has the heart and fight that Durant lacks

what other moments he had like this.