What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.




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    yall need to start allowing us to post porn again
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    Cain1 wrote: »
    1. the backpage should be mobile viewable

    2. notifications should be mobile viewable

    3. implementing a captcha for password would make the site more securer

    4. a t/s should be able to mod his own thread only for a week. for instance making a troll post blacked out similar to how mods can with a flag.

    5. smh and wtf should be take the place of wack and nosign

    6. like someone stated a radio function would be cool

    7. 300 post count to make a thread should be implicated on mobile as well not just full site.

    8. thread counter should be implemented so posters won't bog a forum up with 5 or more threads in a day

    Agree with all accept number 5 in part they (SMH & WTF) should be added not a replacement for nosign and wack as they have there time and places in threads. Otherwise on this and Nas we are in complete agreement...

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    I have an idea why don't we have a subforum for jailed posters. and we can call it the graveyard. In the graveyard you can send failed threads in there that will be deleted after sometime by me your new mod. OMEGA_CONFLICT

    I have an idea why don't we utilize our accumulated points by being able to do 🤬 with our s/n. we could change the color add subnames. all that good 🤬

    I have an idea the edit button should be functional in mobile

    No mod should be able to edit thread titles because they usually change it to 🤬 🤬 anyway as well as posts. yeah they do that too. 🤬 🤬

    once a year a mod should be elected by the ppl not by moderators. and each year that mod will be replaced by the new elected mod

    1 year active membership

    Instead of jay putting in all his cash for the IC jackpot. all mods should contribute. and if you don't you will be exposed as a 🤬 mod

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    what else you got?
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    -replace reactions with hashtags for every post, 10 character limit per person.

    -address search bar that allows us to track a 🤬 's post we don't like and knock them the 🤬 out.
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    One way to bring in more ladies to this site would be to (make it a rule) to hit up all the girls individually that we post in illpix and let them know we're going to do a thread on them and even encourage them to sign up and comment and to browse the other sections of the forum. It will work.
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