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New Malice Album

Malice New Album "Westbound & Down" Album
Westbound & down *Disc 1
1.They're calling my name
2.F the source feat The Game
4.I'm talking to the Devil feat ADR
5. I'm Nice
7.88 feat Ray Luv
8.Like Oh!*
9.Last Dance
11.Know feat Xo
12.Bang down the block like this!
13.Welcome to the west
14.Now & then*
15.Keep it on the real (Mixtape Rap)
16.never gonna change
17.Generation X feat The Game
19.To be your son
20.Reflections feat Tunez
21.Bring you Back feat Arron Hall Turner
22.7 Cigarettes
23.Yesterday feat rez
24. I'll be waitin on an answer from you feat young kane
25. Mad world

Disc 2
Westbound and Down Side 2
1.Mind of a Maniac
2.Cancer skit
3. My homeboy got cancer
4.dead *on arrival
5.Creepy Tales feat Mars
6.Blind Date
7.Murda feat Artilery & Tunez
8. Cancer skit 2
9.She'll be comin round the mountain
10.The Weekend feat Tech 9
11.Keep it on the hush
12.Pinky & the brain feat my deyyyick
13.I'm talking to the devil feat ADR*
14.Happy Holidays
15.Drugs come around (kanye Remix)
16.Desperate People feat Triple X
17.Hitchiker feat Mars & ADR
18.Im doin bad
19.Cancer skit 4
20. Stank Ass 🤬 feat t spoon
21.Movie theatre murderer
22.Return of the abortion
23. Amber alert
24.🤬 strength