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The Hard on Hoes movement was a EPIC FAIL... proof

Real Lady2
Real Lady2 Members Posts: 749 ✭✭✭✭✭
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I'm harder on hoes than any 🤬 out there.

A morning freestyle, now this is a real freestyle, not that prewritten 🤬 .. killin em

Now what 🤬 out there harder on hoes than me???

I'll 🤬 a 🤬 worser than a 🤬 do.
I think your hoe cross eyed, she want me to be her 🤬 TOO
A hoe can't take nuttin from me, but the 🤬 better have my mother 🤬 money.
Let me set the record STRAIGHT, LADY LOVE IS STRAIGHT, she on that BROAD path when NARROW IS THE WAY

and I'm playing with this don't let me get 4 real

The wind is in the background, prolly can't understand me..My Flow will hit the radio TRUST ME...Get a live snippet here.

& the gossip will come to light.. curious minds will find out the truth. I have no reason to lie about who I know and don't know, and when we met...u can't just come in people lives in change their story.. it' don't work like that HATERZ.

Now what 🤬 out there harder on hoes than me???


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