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Put me onto some more drum and bass

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I found out prodigy exists earlier this week. Been bumping their stuff non-stop. It reminds me of dub step, only way better because they're using drum breaks and there's no stupid wub-wub-wub

Any dnb fans wanna put me onto some good tracks by other artists?

Here's an example track for ppl that have no idea wtf it is


  • Ounceman
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    Dnb head right here. First off, I'm not sure the prodigy would constitute as a dnb group. Rather they are more akin to nu rave/big beat. If that's the sound your into esp. considering the song u posted, the crystal method, basement jaxx, bt, and the chemical brothers might suit your palate. They all utilize breakbeats around 140 bpms in the same manner. And yes they don't have the wobly baselines like in 🤬 ass dubstep. I'm not a fan of dubstep either.

    But if its really dnb your looking for, then this is where things start to get a little muddy. Because, as it often goes unmentioned, drum n bass is perhaps one of the most varied genres out there. U have so many dj's unleashing so many different sounds under the dnb umbrella that it really depends on what you like. One notable thing they all share in common however is the tempo of the bpm's. It usually clocks in Around 170-200. A step up from the song u posted. As for the different subgenres u have atmospheric dnb with the likes of ltj bukem which has an ambient like sound. Of course there's ragga jungle which is inspired by dancehall and ragga rhythms. Ragga twins own that subgenre. then u have jazzstep which utilizes odd time signatures and jazz scales with people like moving shadow. Then there's also sambabass which is dnb from Brazil with alot of Brazilian music influences. A notable artist is drumagik. From there we can get into more modern styles like neuro funk which borrows heavily from techno and psychedelic trance with the likes of stakka and skynet and photek. Next there is dark step which is just like its name implies very dark sounding with many elements from industrial music. Technical itch, evol intent, and silent killer can give you an idea of what that sounds like. Skullstep takes that even further with frantic and complex drum patters paired with aggressive and crunching synths and noise. Skullstep is heavily influenced by metal. Current value, limewax, and gein are masters of that subgenre. And in spite of all that. There are still some I'm leaving out

    I know I gave u alot but I did that just to show u how heterogeneous and diverse drum n bass really is. So many musical styles have permeated the genre over the years. Hope u can use the dj's I gave u as a starting point. Or if there was just one particular sound or subgenre u were looking for, let me know and I can try to recommend similar artists that may fit your taste
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    Damn I didn't know the rabbit hole went this deep.

    im gonna check some of those names you mentioned on mp3skull here and see what I can find. Thanks for the post that's gonna help me out big time
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    The qemists are the 🤬

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    RodrigueZz wrote: »
    The qemists are the 🤬

    Yea the qemists are dope. they were suppose to perform at the ultra music festival one year. i didnt get to go

    i like the remix that spor did to that song too.

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    Been into dnb since 95 check out out goldie,doc scott,hive, just to name a few. Im also a dj inspinn both dnb and pure dubstep. As far as brostep there is no such thing. Info have a sounclod withba minimal dubstep mix and think i have a dnb mix up there. If you wanna here more ill make mixes and post them up. But yea the link is safe lol


    Oh and the levels of my dubstep mix was 🤬 sonits kinda low
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    Dont know if this is classed as drum and base or not, but shy fx is really good..

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    early Prodigy was pretty much DnB
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    Liquid Sky Records-DJ Soulslinger, I think AV8 label did alot of DnB and Jungle.
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    this is prolly the closest i've come to liking dnb

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    Lincoln wrote: »
    this is prolly the closest i've come to liking dnb

    If thats the closest youve come to liking dnb then maybe its just not for u. because that song was terrible

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    Just tried making my first liquid dnb track