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What does the cheap seats think of UCF's new basketball court?

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UCF Unveils Striking New Black-Stained Court

By: Barry Petchesky

I hope someone sends these photos to FIU to show them that not every Florida novelty court has to be disgusting.

UCF unveiled its new "blacktop" court today, after a seven-month process in which the school nearly gave up on the subtle, standout design. The black-stained court proved harder to produce on actual hardwood than in computer mockups, but now that it's installed, we think it looks fantastic.

From the photos on UCF's Twitter account, the court's brightness seems to vary based on the angle, which could be a cool effect on TV. The only potential concern is a greater-than-usual reflection from the house lights, but that shouldn't be a problem from the standard TV vantage point.

Custom courts are pretty much the next big thing in college hoops, a natural outgrowth of the eye-burning football fields inflicted upon the nation by Boise State copycats. Which is why we like the black staining—it's soothing. The jet-black paint should also make for great contrast on plays at the rim.

Head coach Donnie Jones says that "when you turn on the TV, you will know when UCF is playing." UCF is moving to the American Athletic Conference this season, so take a good look at the court—you may never see it again.





What does the cheap seats think of UCF's new basketball court? 30 votes

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