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🤬 Thugs: Your favorite rapper could be a punk

twatgetta Members Posts: 6,705 ✭✭✭✭✭
WTF is going on in Hip Hop ??? ALL this 🤬 outchea droooling over rap 🤬 and they wanna test some 🤬 instead?? outchea sniffy taints, slobbin' 🤬 and takin' L's up the ass. sad 🤬 but these HomoThugs need to be put on 🤬 ' blast. This 🤬 is un-cool to the max.

a few names I've heard circulating for a while as punks now are:

Lil B (no brainer)
Afrika Bambaataa
Mister Cee
and now...Fat Joe(🤬 ' trannies in the ass?)

You may know of more......