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You see fools stealing at the Mall: Do you help get stuff or fall back??

twatgetta Members Posts: 6,705 ✭✭✭✭✭
Last night at dusk I saw some dudes loading up the Dillard's furniture truck behind the store with boxes of dress shirts, shoes and jeans of all brands. When I whipped the corner at first they all stopped like a Deer in headlights which made me think they was up to no good. so I parked a ways off and peeped them out. they was stealing..lol... I was tempted to go over and see what I could do to help since I can always use a fresh pair of Levi's and a couple shirts. but I fell back and just watched as these 3 dudes loaded up. once they got the last box in, the last dude slapped the back of the truck like a garbage man and jumped in the back and let down the door, then they pulled off. It was 2 Mexicans and a Brotha doing the driving.

What would you woulda done?