What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

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Post your troll messages here.


Me: The thing I like about big women is that they can keep a real man in shape, you can lift one up, and beat up the box and come out like you just spent an hour in the gym.

Best gym membership ever.



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    I like you because I can leave a drink over your scalp and it probably wouldn't spill even if you moved.
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    No, never heard of it before today
  • Cain
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    wtf is this 🤬 ? POF??

  • lamontbdc
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    yea i never heard of POF
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    POF lead me to my big girl loving phase
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    skpjr78 wrote: »
    if you cant smash on pof within 2 weeks you dont deserve to have a 🤬 . with that said some of these hoes aint really smashable but they are there and ready to go if you want them. it is like fishing in a sense. you are gonna get some action but you dont if its gonna be a 15 lb bass or a bottom feeding carp. it just depends on how hungry/desperate you are.

    i pulled this 🤬 off pof a few years ago, went to the 🤬 crib, she was a 5 at best but then the 🤬 started talking. the 🤬 told me she was missing a nipple. she wasnt 🤬 in the 1st place but then she started talking about how 🤬 up one of her 🤬 were. that was enough 4 me. i didnt even want the 🤬 i planned on getting from the 🤬 anymore. i didnt even want to look at her 🤬 or any part of her body anymore. i took a 🤬 , walked the 🤬 out and seen or heard from that 🤬 since. those r the type of hoes on pof for the most part. pof is perfect for dudes that are fresh out of jail

    This 🤬 is stunningly accurate most of those broads have serious deficiencies.

    Its very rare to find a cute broad on there I'm talking over about a 7.

    These broads are true bottom feeders.

    If you have any type of conversation you can get laid easy off this site.
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    Pof us for 🤬 like stew and max
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    deadeye wrote: »




    damn homie i see why they call you @deadeye
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    deadeye wrote: »
    skpjr78 wrote: »
    deadeye wrote: »




    gotta be careful w/these types of hoes. this 🤬 is fools gold. i 🤬 with a similiar 🤬 that was much smaller than her. notice that in every pic the 🤬 is wearing tight skin hugging clothes. the tight clothes keeps the 🤬 body in place. but trust me bruh im telling you from experience once you start taking this 🤬 clothes off body parts are gonna start hanging and dropping from everywhere and this 🤬 waaaaayyyyyy on the wrong side of thick anyway. i've had a much smaller 🤬 instantly go from and 8 t a 5 as soon as the clothes came off. and dont forget that hoes always put their best pics up on these sites so this is the best this hoe can possibly look. it only goes down hill from here. you're on your own with that one buddy. i'll have to..........

    I hear ya......but that's a lotta ass right there.

    So, I'd just have to roll the dice and hope for the best.

    Was gonna contest this 🤬 - but u know exactly what u getting into so have at it good luck. Lol
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    LOL there was this one 🤬 on there talking about she wak witha limp and part of her face dont work right from muscular dystrophy or some other 🤬 .
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