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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 question.

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I couldnt find anything on google or forums regarding this problem but I'm trying to fix this for my uncle who accidentally "uninstalled" something on the settings trying to clear storage space. Specifically photos and videos. He isn't really tech savvy and didnt even know how to delete photos the old fashioned way by going to "Gallery" and deleting 1 by 1.

When I try and take a picture and view it by pressing the preview on the bottom right corner, the screen goes back to camera mode and prompts me with "No Images/ Video Available."

I then get a notification saying "Turn off USB storage....." but when I go to settings > storage, there are no options to turn off "USB Mode."

This Note is only using Internal Memory. There is no SD Card mounted on this device.

Now when I go to gallery, I can only see pics of "Albums" of FB Moblie Uploads and Profile Pics only.

When I browse the Storage in the Settings, I can see that 9.6GB is being used strictly on Pictures, Videos alone so I'm assuming the Pics/Vids are still on the Galaxy Note.

My question is how can I access them so that they are back in the "Gallery" and can resume taking Pics/Videos without any problems.


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    Try accessing the from a file manager
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    well if the problem is that he deleted some system files what you first need to try is system update. i have the sg4 and im not very big on phones etc but so far i havent seen any updates for it yet

    so if this is the new note youre talking about this could be tricky because you may have to find a way to re install the latest (android 4.2.2 i think it is) update which means you have to bypass the phone telling you that "you are updated to the latest version" message. im sure it can be done tho

    something is def wrong with the system tho... all photos etc should be in the gallery no matter what folder you save them in.... especially if there no sd card in there.
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    edit: go into settings>>>>>>>>>>>>applications manager>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>all>>>>>>>>>scroll find camera then click clear data/cache

    This might fix the problem before anything.

    You're probably going to need a SD card and you're going to have to move your pics to that. If you can go into camera storage click setting>>>>>>>storage>>>>>>>then check to see what is highlighted either (phone or memory card) then click memory card and move the pics to that after that power cycle the device. If that doesn't repair your problem go to app store dl a file manager app I use ES File Manager but you can use whatever. Once dl'd go to pictures file on the device root if you can view your pictures your device isn't bricked just a file is missing.

    Let me know what happens after you try that I'll do some research and get back with you.