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Liev Schreiber, Chris Benoit Murder Suicide Movie [VIDEO]: Tragic WWE Star Brought to Life in 'Cross

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In recent years, actor Live Schreiber has taken on some physically demanding roles (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Goon, "Ray Donovan") so it comes as no surprise that the talented actor is about to venture into the professional wrestling world's most tragic stories. Chris Benoit was a talented performer and former WWE Heavyweight Champion who fell on hard times and drugs that eventually led to a baffling apparent double murder and suicide (this has yet to be 100% proven to be the case). Crossface is also set to feature other WWE personalities such as Eddie Guerrero, Triple H, and Vince McMahon. Think The Wrestler only much more tragic.
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Schreiber, who is married to Naomi Watts, will lace up his boots to portray one of the most amazing wrestlers in the history of the WWE. Benoit was nicknamed "The Canadian Crippler" and was a master of grappling and submission techniques. Unfortunately, the pressures of family life as well as the death of his friend and fellow wrestler Eddie Guerrero led to a dependency on drugs.
In 2007, after years of drug abuse and anger issues, Benoit's life ended tragically in what looked to be a double murder and suicide. His wife and one of his children were found dead, seemingly murdered by the troubled wrestler. Reports also claimed that Chris Benoit took his own life after the deaths of his loved ones.