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Invasion revisited



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    my bad @dazerfly for some reason I was typing under ya post.. this is my reply...

    in WWE they sucked for the most part but in WCW they were on point. Kronik should have been giving more time but they didnt want to do the work in OVW and start over. 85% of the natural born thrillers got burnt out restarting all over again also. It was a in general just a rough transition after having the whole company's division on your back for a year or so and then going somewhere else and being a small fish in a big pond again. At least Jindrak found a home in Mexico. Always thought Sean Ohaire coulda been the next (and better version of) Batista tho, too bad Batista was already there.

    Kronik only had one problem going for them, and it was the same when they were singles performers in WCW and WWF: Their selling was awful (we're talking Harris Brothers awful) and they could be quite stiff to work with. I happened to see some of their post WWF stuff, and they never deleted those flaws
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    O'Haire had potential to be great...he had the mic skills, talent and everything to be a star. Coke Boy could care less about anything other than his brand and his reputation, you gotta realize WCW almost dead ass took him out of business
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    After posting earlier, I started watching some old Raw and Smackdown during The Invasion, and I gotta admit, it wasnt as bad as everyone seems to think. I think that the main issue had was that ppl weren`t getting their dream matchups(Sting vs enter name here) but the matchups they had were dope, Everybody did their part in making things entertaining and I cant stress how much Austin shone from start to finish. Him and RVD`s lil internal feud was great. I think it would have not been as good if they went with HHH(Thank 🤬 for that quad pull)
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    RVD carried 🤬