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women who love hip-hop



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    mryounggun wrote: »
    Let me find a woman who loves hip hop. Like really LOVES it. I'm marrying her.

    Any woman who really loves hip hop... Ain't paying attention to you... She's payin attention to see if she can hear you through the music.
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    I think women should be into i mean it did incorporate the rnb sound and the video gurlz are real Im from Miami and the strip club aint a strip club with out rap

    I like a women whos all into rap hip hop to da point she makes tracks with me and lives the lifestyle i seen comments of southern music like outkast and ugk i like it

    Ladies welcome to part take on my adventure aswell!

  • Liza Johnson
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    Hey! I'm Liza. I love rap and hip-hop since childhood.

    Right now, I was drawn to relisten to the greatest hits of the 1990s😂

    I actually can say a lot about today's music. I like some, in the 2010s there were true hits that influenced hip-hop, but in my opinion, hip-hop began to develop too slowly, it needs a breakthrough.

  • Welikenced
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    thanks. very nice post!

  • nikema8
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    I'm sticking to blackpink now

  • jannatul6
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    i listening a middle rap

  • jwow98
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    def 100 Proof Haze! hes an artist from Philly that has a few really good songs! My boyfriend hates when i play him because i made a post about how he took the weeknds place for my MCE!! LOL jelly much